Vote ‘YES’ for Climate Justice

This September, world leaders will attend the United General Assembly in New York. Ask world leaders to Vote Yes for Climate Justice by supporting the Pacific’s push for a world-first Advisory Opinion from the International Court of Justice on climate change and human rights.

Dear World Leaders,

When you travel to the United Nations General Assembly in September, we ask you to vote ‘Yes’ for climate justice by supporting the Pacific’s calls for an International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion (ICJAO) on the impacts of climate change on human rights.

Your government has an opportunity to give meaning to the climate pledges made in Rio de Janeiro, Kyoto and Paris and demonstrate its commitment to climate justice by endorsing the Vanuatu government-led campaign for an ICJ advisory opinion on the human rights impacts of climate change.

Nations which are on the frontline of the climate crisis - many of which are in the Pacific and the Global South - are bearing the brunt of rising seas and increasing incidents of cyclones and other extreme weather events. These climate impacts threaten the human rights, livelihoods, health, culture and environments of millions of people whose avenues for redress may be limited.

An ICJ ruling will explore how climate change is affecting the human rights of people and provide an international legal framework for those experiencing the worst of the climate crisis to affect broad, accelerated change.

The endorsement of the ICJAO at the UNGA is an opportunity to deliver meaningful climate action for people all over the world.

Please support Vanuatu’s resolution and send the world’s biggest problem to the world’s highest court.

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