Sign the open letter calling to protect ARENA for a clean economic recovery for Australia

Dear Scott Morrison and Australian Federal and State Governments,

Australia’s economic recovery is a make-or-break moment for the nation. We live in a rapidly decarbonising world and we have an abundance of cheap, renewable resources on our doorstep. A huge appetite from investors and the market plus our leadership in renewable innovation thus far means we are primed to be able to seize the opportunity for a multi-win on jobs, the economy and our environment - all we have to do is pull up our socks and choose a clean recovery.

ARENA, Australia’s Renewable Energy Agency and the CEFC (clean energy finance corporation-our very own green bank) will both play vital roles along the highway towards a clean recovery.

We call on you to ensure a safe future for Australians by adopting a clean recovery to covid-19 and the bushfires.

Additionally, we ask that you ensure the renewable mandates of ARENA and the CEFC are firmly protected, and that their funding is scaled up to reflect the opportunities afforded us by expediting Australia’s energy transition.

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