ETT - Coal-mining-water-catchment-NSW

ETT - Coal-mining-water-catchment-NSW

ETT to state MP's - stop coal mining under water catchment.

ETT to state MP's - stop coal mining under water catchment.

Protect our water: Email your State MP

The NSW Government has approved a dangerous coal mine expansion under Sydney's drinking water catchment.

It's not too late to stop this - but we need to move quickly. The NSW parliament will be debating mining under Sydney's water catchment this Thursday.

Send your State MP an email now to ask them to protect our water and oppose the mine expansion.

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Email Tips +

1. Begin by introducing yourself and include the suburb that you live in (so your MP knows that you live in their local government area.)

2. Answer the question "Why does protecting our drinking water from dangerous coal mining matter to you?". There are no right or wrong answers - speak from the heart.

3. If you have any specific concerns, list them. If you're not sure, you can reference the concerns raised by scientists in the open letter, or say something like "Water NSW and other independent scientific experts have already raised concerns that existing mines may have damaged water quantity and quality in the catchment."

4. Ask your State MP to unequivocally oppose the mine expansion during the upcoming debate in the NSW Parliament, and to do everything within their power to stop the project from going ahead.

5. Thank them for reading your email and let them know you look forward to their response.